“Fondation Diane” Organized the 3rd Edition of the “Green Market”
to Support Green Start-ups and SMEs  in the F&B, Fashion and Cosmetics Sectors  

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With a plan to boost the circular economy and support green startups & SMEs, "Fondation Diane" in collaboration with the “Asfari Foundation”, “Cewas” and the "EcoSwitch Coalition" organized the 3rd edition of the "Green Market" exhibition at ABC Verdun.  

About the event

25 Startups and SMEs Showcased their Eco-friendly Products in “Fondation Diane’s” one-of-kind “Green Market” Exhibition

Under the title of "towards responsible consumption", the exhibition showcased a wide array of green and eco-sustainable products from 25 exhibitors in different sectors, notably: agri-food, food & beverage, sustainable fashion & textile, sustainable cosmetics, and more. It was a one-of-a kind experience with locally produced, healthy, natural, organic, delicious, and beautiful products.

Through this “Green Market”, “Fondation Diane” aims at contributing to Sustainable Development in general, and to the 12th goal in specific (SDG12) to ensure “Responsible Consumption & Production”, by conserving energy and natural resources, and promoting sustainable lifestyles. This 3rd edition of the exhibition comes as a response to the huge demand and the great success of the previous editions that were also hosted at ABC Verdun, a prestigious mall that respects the environment!

Diana Fadel, Founder & President of “Fondation Diane”

At “Fondation Diane”, we believe that creativity and green entrepreneurship are key engines of the green economy. Hence, we support creative minds who are engaged in making a change via sustainable development. "Fondation Diane" has a long history of supporting green SMEs. With a portfolio of 14 start-ups operating in 5 sectors so far (healthy food production, transportation, waste management, renewable energy and eco-tourism), and our green renowned projects/ programs, we aim at reducing environmental degradation and promoting a healthier and sustainable tomorrow for the generations to come. 

What is so unique about this "Green Market" is that it brought together carefully selected local businesses, not only in the food & beverage sector - as it is the case in the conventional exhibitions - but in other main sectors as well, such as sustainable fashion and cosmetics. We believe in the environmental and social impact of these small businesses. We offered them free space in a top-notch location, which is ABC Mall in Verdun, and developed, along with our partners, their pitching skills which helped them sell their products and maximize their profit. 

The world requires an urgent shift in consumption & production patterns, towards a more sustainable future. With a global population that could grow to 9.7 billion in 2050, three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles. …That's why we organized this exhibition!