We, at Fondaton Diane, are passionate people! Crazy about Lebanon and its people!!! 
                                                            Our goal is to Awaken Citizens on the virtues of the Eco-sustainable development. We invite you all to Take Action with us to actively impact our society. Let's do this together!

                                                            Fadi El Hage,                                            
                                                            Chairholder – Chair of “Fondation Diane” for Education on Eco-Citizenship and Sustainable Development

                                                            Fadi holds a PhD in Science education from the Montpellier University, in France. He also holds a Master’s degree in Biology, a certificate of professional aptitude in secondary teaching (CAPES), and a “Training of Trainers” diploma. As an education consultant for over 20 years, he has headed national and international projects. Former Dean of the Faculty of Education at the Saint Joseph University, he now holds the position of “Delegate of the Rector for Professional Development”. He is also the Vice-President of the Association for the Development of Education Assessment Methodologies (ADMEE) and national Delegate of Unesco Chair “Global Health and Education”. He is also member of the advisory board of the “International foundation for women's empowerment”. Professor El Hage is also the author of several conferences and scientific publications. 

                                                            Sevag Fernezian,                                           
                                                            Head of Finance & Investment

                                                            Sevag holds a BS in Accounting from the Lebanese American University and an MSc in Financial Analysis and Fund Management from the University of Exeter, UK. He brings 17 years of international finance leadership experience in regional private companies and international NGOs.  Prior to joining Fondation Diane in 2023, Sevag led the finance and accounting departments of several regional companies and played strategic roles related to establishing corporate governance, maintaining organic and non-organic growth, and improving organizational structures.  Throughout his career he has led the acquisition of 2 companies in India and was appointed Chairman of one of them.  Sevag had also taken on several consultancies related to strategy development and management, due diligence, feasibility studies, valuations and business plans. Sevag also financially managed several USAID funded projects.

                                                            Margaret Jabara,                                        
                                                            Director of Projects & Programs

                                                            Margaret holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Management & Marketing from LAU. Margaret is certified in Advanced Management from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and she is also certified in Advanced Negotiations and Conflict Management from the Lebanon Conflict Resolution Center (LCRN). Throughout her extensive career, she had many experiences in the fields of Business Intelligence, Business Development, Project Management, Budgeting and Planning, Public Relations, Retail Banking, Market and Marketing Research, Marketing and Communications, Quality Assurance and Competition Monitoring. Margaret is passionate for Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship, Community Service, Volunteering as well as Mentoring and Coaching. She has worked for over 20 years with Bank Audi Group across the region; mainly in the Lebanese, Jordanian, Egyptian and Turkish Retail Banking business lines. She established the "Business Intelligence" functional unit at Bank Audi's Group Retail Banking department in collaboration with Bank Audi Lebanon and overseas entities, and she managed various regional and cross-functional projects. Margaret also co-founded two non-governmental organizations; CHREEK (Capital Human Recycling Environmental Economic Kit) and VFL (Volunteer For Lebanon) in 2015.

                                                            Emilio Akl,                                          
                                                            Project Manager

                                                            Emilio studied Mechanical Engineering at the Metropolitan University of Caracas. He has always loved to understand how logical systems work or how to repair them. Since 1986, he has worked and implemented solutions in all types of companies: Textile manufacturing, administrative computer systems, trade, import-export, oil, furniture manufacturing, finance, Interactive multimedia, agriculture, environment and eco-tourism. He lived in Venezuela, a country with a situation similar to the Lebanese, politically complex and violent. For him, it is a golden opportunity to present solutions and try to implement them. In organizations such as the Fondation Diane, the teams seek to provide and implement solutions, which makes the work very interesting. 

                                                            Lara Salameh,                                        
                                                            Communication & Marketing Manager

                                                            Lara holds a BA in Advertising and Marketing from Notre Dame University (NDU). With over 10 years of experience in Communication & Marketing, Lara utilizes her creativity and know-how in the latest marketing trends to prepare a Communication & Marketing plan. She is skilled in implementing a full fledge strategy of offline and online media, while using an integrated marketing approach.

                                                            Antoinette Bou Antoun,                                        
                                                            Chief Accountant

                                                            Antoinette holds a Bachelor degree in Banking & Finance from AUL.

                                                            Over 10 years of experience in Accounting & Finance. 

                                                            Pascale Assaad,                                        
                                                            Senior Projects & Programs Coordinator

                                                            Pascale holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from La Sagesse University and a BA in Management from Universite Saint Esprit de Kaslik. She has more than 13 years of working experience in Project Management and Hospitality Management. Pascale proved to be a reliable hard-worker, a team player, motivated and multitasker.

                                                            Christianne Nammour,                                                                                
                                                            Communication & Administrative Assistant - Chair of "Fondation Diane" for Education on Eco-Citizenship and Sustainable Development

                                                            Christiane holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management, and a double major degree in Biology and Biochemistry from USJ. Since sustainablity is her life vocation, it perfectly matches the vision and mission of Fondation Diane. She has more than 3 years of work and training experiences in various fields including Research and Development, Social Media Coordination and Quality Control. Christiane also studied Theater at the Lebanese University and is using her artistic side to spread environmental awareness in a creative way. 

                                                            Perla Saadeh,                                                                                 
                                                            Projects & Programs Coordinator

                                                            Perla holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering with a Focus on Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering from the Lebanese University. She worked in the volunteering field for 4 years with the Lebanese Red Cross. She has a passion for the environment and believe that us as citizens have a responsibility to be part of the solution. She is also highly interested in the green energy and renewable resources field.

                                                            Jana Al Kassir,                                        
                                                            Graphic Designer

                                                            Jana holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design from AUL university. Within three years of experience, she became a highly-skilled junior graphic designer, detail-oriented and creative.

                                                            Anthony Saba,                                        
                                                            Projects Coordinator - Chair of "Fondation Diane" for Education on Eco-Citizenship and Sustainable Development 

                                                            Anthony Holds a Master's degree in International Management from L’Ecole Superieure des Affaires ESA Business School. Anthony is a digital native with a background in Engineering from le CNAM and in Data Management from Notre Dame University. He is an outcome-focused individual with 6 years of experience leading and managing projects and teams in a broad range of sectors; including healthcare, technology, construction, and data. Anthony is the founder of an award-winning startup HADEER for public transportation, and he is recognized for his ability to innovate, plan, build, and solve.