Fondation Diane & EcoSwitch Coalition Launching

the 2nd Edition of the "Switchers Support Programme"

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In the Framework of eco-sustainability, Fondation Diane and EcoSwitch Coalition are launching the 2nd edition of the "Switchers Support Programme" to support green innovators who can bring a positive change to the world.

About the "Switchers Support Programme"

The "Switchers Support Programme" 2021 comes as a response to the great success of its 1st edition. It falls under SwitchMed, a Programme funded by the European Union, and facilitated by the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC).

Call for Applicants

The "Switchers Support Programme" is calling for 120 innovators and entrepreneurs, at ideation or early stage, who have a sustainable business idea that can provide a commercial solution to environmental challenges. Are you one of these future green entrepreneurs?


The candidates will benefit from a workshop and coaching sessions to develop their Green Business Model and eco-design their products/services, using the "Switchers Online Toolbox".


Once completed, 20 entrepreneurs will benefit from an incubation period to help create and grow their businesses by providing them with necessary support and technical services.

Deadline for Applications

The Call for Applicants will be open till 15 September 2021 targeting creative thinkers and doers, especially women, who want to be green entrepreneurs, innovators, and change makers with a sustainable business idea and potential to create ecological and social value.

The Programme is for you if:

  • You are looking to boost your entrepreneurial spirit.

  • You would like to be guided through your entrepreneurial journey, from defining the idea to the commercialization of products and services.

  • You wish to launch a sustainable business that is capable of generating added value at all levels: economic, environmental and social.

  • You are an ideation or early stage entrepreneur who wishes to discover entrepreneurial solutions to their challenges.

  • You wish to partner with like-minded organizations, share experiences and get inspired by them.

Apply Now!

To apply to the “Switchers Support Programme”, click on:

Also sign up as a Green Entrepreneur to benefit from the "Switchers Online Toolbox":

* For more details, contact Fondation Diane on: 03- 297 397