Social Pediatric Clinic

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    The economic meltdown and crisis limit children's access to quality medical care!

    "34% of children in Lebanon are not receiving the primary health care they need”
    *UNICEF’s report, April 2022
    Beneficiaries: Hundreds of Thousands of Underprivileged Children

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    About the Clinic:

    The Clinic offers pediatric consultations to help disadvantaged families have access to a medical care of high value. Open to all families residing in Lebanon regardless of their nationality, The Clinic aims at providing quality medical services to marginalized families, by a reputable and trustworthy hospital center, in a context of skyrocketing living costs. 


    The clinic welcomes children from 0 to 18 years old, with no racial or social discrimination


    The consultation fees are very minimal and aligned with the rates of primary care centers set by the MOPH


    The vaccination schedule is based on the national immunization calendar adopted by the Ministry


    The medical team seek to offer parents and their children a humane medicine where careful listening, accurate info and respect of the child, as well as the management of his stress and pain, are given full attention. They are keen to help parents have a full understanding of their children's medical problems, to be able to provide them with full support.

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    This initiative corresponds to SDG #3 “Good Health Well-being” of Sustainable Development 

    being the core mission of “Fondation Diane"

    Are you interested to become one of the "Children's Angels"?

    Yearly Membership Scheme of the "Children's Angel"

    Select an amount devoted to one or more medical services:

    Innocent Angel
    100$ - 999$/year
    Guardian Angel
    3,000 - 4,999$/year
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    Radiant Angel
    1,000$ - 2,999$/year
    Arch Angel
    5,000$/year and more
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    Sincere Thanks to the “Arch Angels”!

    • Théâtre Poche Ruelle, Mulhouse (Dir. Jean-Marie Meshaka)

    • ABC S.A.L

    • Karim Fadel

    • Georges Andraos

    • Mitsulift

    • Elham Raphaël

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    Children's Health and Future in Lebanon are at risk, 

    Your Support Counts!

    Contact: + 961 3 297 397 

    Donate through our Website,

    or Transfer to the clinic's bank account, Bank Audi - Ashrafieh "HOTEL-DIEU DE FRANCE (CSE)" - LB95005600000000000918170108