The "Switchers Support Programme"

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Fondation Diane & EcoSwitch Coalition Launching the 2nd Edition of the "Switchers Support Programme "

The "Switchers Support Programme" is looking for 120 innovators and green entrepreneurs, at ideation phase or early-stage, with a sustainable business idea that can provide commercial solution to environmental challenges. Are you one of these future green entrepreneurs?

Would you like to get trained to turn your green idea into a validated sustainable business model? Do you wish to be one of the 20 green entrepreneurs selected for incubation? The "Switchers Support Programme" will make sure you succeed with every step you take!

The Call for Applicants will be open till 15 September 2021 targeting creative thinkers and doers, especially women, who want to be green entrepreneurs, innovators, and change makers with a sustainable business idea and potential to create ecological and social value. 

To Apply to the “Switchers Support Programme”, click on: 

Also sign up as a Green Entrepreneur to benefit from the "Switchers Online Toolbox":

* For more details, contact Fondation Diane on: 03- 297 397

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