We are Fondation Diane, passionate people,

                                                              crazy about the Lebanese environment. 

                                                              Our goal is to promote Eco-sustainable Development

                                                              and to work on changing step by step the mindset and attitude of Lebanese people towards it. 

                                                              We invite you all to take action and impact actively

                                                              and practically our society.

                                                              Let’s do this!

                                                              Fondation Diane was created in 2012 by Diana Sfeir Fadel as a response to the ecological marasmus in which the country is debating and its disastrous consequences on all levels: environmental, economic, political, cultural... as well as the image of Lebanon in the world and in the heart of the Lebanese people. 


                                                              Enlighten the citizens about their responsibilities towards Lebanon's environment and support creative minds who are engaged in making a change via sustainable development


                                                              Give birth to a new citizen who is conscious of his duties and rights and thriving to make LEBANON a pioneer country for eco-sustainabe development 


                                                              Citizenship    |    Integrity
                                                              Courage    |    Commitment 

                                                              MEET THE TEAM

                                                              DIANA SFEIR FADEL

                                                              Founder & President

                                                              .Since 1972, Diana followed a long career
                                                              in business management co-founding & managing
                                                              ABC Mall.

                                                              .In 1998
                                                               Diana founded “Monuments en Musique”,
                                                              which preserved and salvaged important and often abandoned Lebanese heritage sites, through 45 music concerts

                                                              .In 2012, Diana founded "Fondation Diane" as a response to the civic
                                                              & ecological turmoil in which the country is struggling.

                                                              FADI HAJJ

                                                              CEEDD Director

                                                              PhD in Science Education at USJ.  
                                                                    Also Rector's Delegate for Regional
                                                                   Development and External Programs.

                                                              SELIM CHAMI

                                                              VIRIDIS Manager

                                                              Investment Management

                                                              Over fifteen years of banking and
                                                              financial experience.

                                                              MBA at ESA Business School

                                                              Civil Engineer at ESIB

                                                              LARA BLAKE

                                                              Marketing & Operations Manager

                                                              MBA at ESA Business School 

                                                              Over fifteen years of experience in spearheading projects in the field of services marketing, communication, and business development.


                                                              ANTOINE ABOU MOUSSA

                                                              Green Industrial Incubator Director

                                                              A great experience in waste management. 

                                                              MS in Agricultural Sciences 

                                                              Major in Environmental Engineering and Natural Resources.

                                                              MARC NASR

                                                               Financial Analyst & Project Manager

                                                              Masters in economic sciences at USJ, emphasis  financial markets, and banks. 

                                                              Marc conducts accounting financial modeling, screens and identifies investment opportunities for Viridis Investment fund.


                                                                EDDIE BARRAK

                                                              Senior Financial Analyst


                                                              Mechanical Engineering from NDU

                                                              CFA candidate level 3

                                                              Responsible for developing financial models through benchmarking and
                                                              process analysis.