Anti-Cancer Vaccines: Don't Miss this Webinar! 

Ever heard of the revolutionary mRNA anti-cancer vaccines?

The Chair of "Fondation Diane" in Education for Citizenship and Sustainable Development (CEEDD) is organizing a zoom webinar to discuss this new era of vaccinology, which have become a promising platform for cancer immunotherapy. Dr. Steve Pascolo, immunologist at the University Hospital of Zurich in Switzerland, will be presenting important medical facts, researches, and clinical studies. 

  • Date: 27 October, 2021

  • Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

To register:

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Together We Can Beat Cancer! 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As an active CSR player in the society, "Fondation Diane" launched its "Breast Cancer Awareness" campaign to celebrate the survivors and raise awareness to fight the disease!

In 2010, The Founder and President of "Fondation Diane", Mrs. Diana Fadel, was diagnosed with  Breast Cancer and fought against sickness for 3 complete years. She survived! After her victory over the disease, she addresses an encouraging message to the Lebanese women. "Look after your Body; invest in your health. Early detection can save your life!", she says.

Stay tuned to our social media platforms to know more.

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"Kulluna Lil Watan", The 1st Book of the Revolution in Images!

From the bottom of the heart, to accompany the awakening of our nation.

Excerpts from the Book, a Message from Diana Sfeir Fadel

What we, Lebanese are currently living, writes an important page in our history. A peaceful revolution and many victories will be forever linked in this epic. Although, in the moment we are, the future is still unclear and our leaders' inentions remain indecipherable; we can already claim victory on different angles; a victory that is not inseparable from the results to come.

With lots of images and few words, we want to share with everyone these moments in time, expressive shots of unique moments in our history.

"Kulluna Lil Watan" is available at ABC Malls (Librairie Antoine), and all Librairie Antoine branches;  Get your copy now!

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Throwback to the Human Chain

Throwback to this act of love! This human chain that took place on 27 October 2019, with nearly 170,000 Lebnaese people joining hands to connect the country's north and south, is a symbolic display of national unity during a period of political turmoil.

The affection that the Lebanese people have for each other, repressed by years of sectarianism and confrontations, exploded in the "Sehat", and materialized in this amazing indefectible human chain from one end of the country to the other, making people fall in love all over again with their lost paradise.

Today more than ever, we need to be united all over again; 

when there is unity, there is always victory!

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Green Entrepreneurship Lab 2 

Fondation Diane, EcoSwitch Coalition and Cewas Middle East organized the 2nd Green Entrepreneurship Lab "Storytelling Impact for Green Enterprises", aiming at bringing green entrepreneurs at ideation and early stage together with Communication & Marketing experts, to support them in pitching their ideas/businesses and tell the story of their environmental and social impact! 

2 Green Entrepreneurs won 300 USD at the end of the workshop.

This program is supported by the Asfari Foundation and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

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Winner of the PhD Scholarship, Revealed!

After Launching it’s "Call for PhD Scholarships", the Chair of "Fondation Diane" in Education for Citizenship and Sustainable Development (CEEDD), granted Mr. Hrair Danageuzian the opportunity to pursue his Doctorate studies entitled “Learning to Learn: An ESD Paradigm for Highschool and University Students in Lebanon”.

We wish Hrair good luck!

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CEEDD Signs an MOU with ALERC 

Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Chair of "Fondation Diane" in Education for Citizenship and Sustainable Development (CEEDD) and L’Association Libanaise pour le Renouvellement Educatif (ALREC).

On 15 September 2021, Prof. Fadi El Hage, Holder of the Chair, and Ms. Rima Younes, President of ALREC, officially announced their partnership a collaboration towards trainings and awareness campaigns related to education and environment preservation in schools and municipalities.

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The LWP (lebanon Water Project) by CEEDD and The USAID

In view of the critical water supply situation in Lebanon, it is crucial to highlight the water management awareness campaign that was launched by The Chair of "Fondation Diane" in Education for Eco-Citizenship and Sustainable Development (CEEDD) and the USAID, as part of the LWP Project. Here are some educational videos you need to watch:

Water is Life! Be Responsible.

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"Fondation Diane" Undergoing the NGOi Certification

As part of the YLEAP Program (Youth Learning, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program), “Fondation Diane” has applied to the NGOi certification. NGOi is an initiative of the American University of Beirut that provides different services to the NGO sector in Lebanon and the MENA region.

The NGOi certification is a voluntary and non-governmental review process that assesses the governance and administrative structures as well as operational principles of the NGOs. The performance of the organization on the certification process is assessed using evidence-based criteria.

On 20 August, the third assessment visit took place online and was successfully held with "Fondation Diane" team, aiming at achieving proper operational policies and procedures and ensuring a community centric approach in organizational structure and operations.

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Supporting and Reviving the Lebanese Musical Heritage!  

With more than 45 musical concerts in its portfolio, "Fondation Diane" continues to support art, against all odds!

Deeply rooted into Lebanon's history and values, the foundation contributes to reviving the Lebanese musical heritage by  sponsoring "the 1st Modern Edition of Wadia Sabra's Music by Fady Jeanbart".

Wadia Sabra is the composer of the Lebanese anthem in 1927 and the founder of the national music conservatory in 1929. His music was hidden by his wife after his death in 1952 and was given to the CPML (Centre Patrimoine Musical Libanais) by his family in 2016. 70 years after Sabra’s death his music resurfaces and it is available to musicians worldwide.

It is the Unearthing of the lost and forgotten lebanese musical heriatge! Wadia Sabra's music is finally out... 70 years after it was hidden.

Hurry up; get your copy. Quantities are limited! Contact Fadi Jeanbart: 76- 34 00 77. 

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International Peace Institute Webinar on Women Empowerment

On August 11, 2021, IPI MENA (International Peace Institute) hosted an online discussion entitled “Empowerment of Young Women in the MENA Region”, attended by leading women from across the region, as well as officials and diplomats. The event, held on the occasion of the International Youth Day, called for invigorated efforts to empower young women in the region and around the world.

IPI MENA Policy Analyst, Dalya Al Alawi opened the event by emphasizing the adversely gendered impact the pandemic has had on women in all aspects of life, but particularly within the various economic, social, and political contexts of the region.

IPI MENA Research Assistant Eliza Cheah highlighted the need for cooperation across all levels of the multilateral system. She emphasized the need “to change the prejudices and social norms, to remove all the obstacles, and provide women with the best access in all spheres,” in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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Ms. Diana Sfeir Fadel, Founder and President of "Fondation Diane" decried the barriers that women are up against, especially within the context of multiple crises facing Lebanon now. She added: "Mothers should bring up their daughters in a different way that they were brought up themselves and we, mature women, should be a role model of freedom and professionalism in our work to the young ones". She underscored the importance of providing girls and young women with the option to make their own choices in the world of work and home. Referring to the perception that, "behind every successful man there is a woman," she said that women should be acknowledged as standing equally beside men.

Notable keynotes were also addressed by the Founder and Chairwoman of Intisar Foundation, HH Sheikha Intisar Alsabah, H.E Sheikha Deena Al-Khalifa, Assistant Secretary-General of Bahrain’s Supreme Council for Women (SCW), H.E Najlaa Al Mangoush, Foreign Minister of Libya, and H.E Olfa Soukri Cherif, Vice-President of the Global Parliamentary Network on World Bank and International Monetary Fund, former Tunisian Parliament Member. The webinar was moderated by IPI MENA Director Nejib Friji.

** To watch Mrs. Diana's video, click LINK

Supporting Green Entrepreneurs in Lebanon

The world needs green changemakers who can bring a positive environmental and social impact to their communities. To this end, “Fondation Diane” continues to foster innovation through supporting green entrepreneurs and offering them training and coaching sessions, under the “Switchers Support Programme”.

The Programme has reached half way, and more than 50 green entrepreneurs have so far benefitted from professional training sessions run by certified trainers. They were able to develop their “Sustainable Business Models” that help them transform their green ideas into viable businesses, while using the “SwitchMed Online Methodology”. At the end of the programme, the best 20 green projects will be selected for incubation. Stay tuned to know more!

*The "Switchers Support Programme" is organized by "Fondation Diane" in collaboration with the EcoSwitch Coalition. It falls under SwitchMed, a programme funded by the European Union, and facilitated by the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC).

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Participating in Beirut Blast's 1st Year Memorial

As an active player in civic awareness in Lebanon, "Fondation Diane" team participated in the 1st year memorial of Beirut Blast, to pay tribute to all the victims, the wounded, the people who are still grieving, those who lost their homes, ... and to a whole city that was destroyed!

With corruption taking over the country, "Fondation Diane" says yes to lifting immunity, yes to Justice and Liberation. 

"Fondation Diane" will always be committed to resuscitate the motivation of the people, mobilize them, and encourage them to fight for their rights and towards an eco-sustainable development... for a better Lebanon.

To check pics, click this  LINK

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Fondation Diane: Committed to Organizational Excellence

As part of organizational development, a strategy workshop was held with the executive committee members on 6 July 2021 at “Fondation Diane”.

This workshop was facilitated by CEWAS and it falls under YLEAP (Youth Learning, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program), a programme supported by the Asfari Foundation aiming at building the organizational capacity and strengthening the      sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem.

"Fondation Diane" team discussed options to optimize the organizational structure, and explored the best work practices to reinforce the strategy of the foundation.

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Bridging the Gap with Industries- 1st Green Entrepreneuship Lab

About the Event

The "EcoSwitch Coalition" is pleased to invite you to participate in “Bridging the Gap with Industries”, the 1st Green Entrepreneurship Lab of a four-part planned series that aims to create benefits and foster linkages for Green Entrepreneurs and sectors  active in relevant fields for the sustainable development of our economy.

Supported by the "Asfari Foundation", this 1st entrepreneurship lab, will gather both sector actors and public sector representatives, as well as entrepreneurs themselves, who will be given space to outline their work and exchange on potential opportunities.

Join us to meet with key experts by selecting one of the following discussion sessions: Energy, Agrifood and Recycling.

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The 3rd Breakout Session: Recycling

This session will give green changemakers the opportunity to exchange with a key expert in the recycling industry, and will be moderated by Nancy Saliba Boueri, Program manager at Fondation Diane. Nancy has work experience in Green Entrepreneurship project management and in paper & plastics manufacturing and recycling industry. She's skilled in environment management system development and in Project Management. She is a part-time university instructor and a PhD candidate in Environmental management and Waste Management researcher.

The key expert of this session is Eng. Karim Haddad, Deputy GM at SICOMO, a recycled cardboard mill. He is the CEO of ENERG-ECO and a consultant in recycling and green & Renewable Energy. Karim has extensive work experience in Waste Management and recycling in Lebanon and the region and is member at the environment committee at the Association of Lebanese Industrialists. 

To register, click this LINK

The EEST Food & Beverage "Call for Proposal"

On 15 June 2021, Fondation Diane launched the EEST "Call for Proposal" (Entangling Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Transformation of the Food & Beverage Industry). This Call targets the green MSMEs in the food and beverage industry; the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, existing businesses with a plan to broadening their scope with environmentally-friendly solutions and brilliant innovative ideas.

 An environmentally and socially responsible circular model in the food and beverage industry is Fondation Diane’s priority aiming to safeguard life on the planet.  The Call closed on 31 July 2021.

To know more, click this LINK

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The "Switchers Support Programme"

In May 2021, Fondation Diane and EcoSwitch Coalition launched the "Switchers Suppport Programme" to support green entrepreneurs and innovators. It falls under SwitchMed, a Programme funded by the European Union, and facilitated by the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC).

The "Switchers Support Programme" calls for 120 innovators and entrepreneurs, at ideation or early stage, who have a sustainable business idea that can provide a commercial solution to environmental challenges. The candidates will benefit from a workshop and coaching sessions to develop their Green Business Model and eco-design their products/services, using the "Switchers Online Toolbox". Once completed, 20 entrepreneurs will benefit from an incubation programme. Check these interviews to know more:

The Call closes on 15 September 2021. Hurry up; Apply Now! 


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Mrs. Diana Sfeir Fadel Appointed as an Honorary Member in the WLC "Women Leaders Council of Lebanon"

In the context of women empowerment, President & Founder of “Fondation Diane”, Mrs. Diana Sfeir Fadel, was appointed on 20 May 2021, as an honorary board member in the "Women Leaders Council of Lebanon" (WLC). This gathering was held at the WLC headquarters in Sanayeh-Beirut at the Chamber of Commerce as part of the council’s yearly general assembly, and it aimed at recognizing the merit of Mrs. Fadel in achieving a long and successful career that was recently crowned by her appointment as Chairwoman & CEO of one of the most renowned enterprises in Lebanon, the ABC Department Stores, while supporting young women, men, and startups, and consequently help boosting the economy. She discussed the role of woman in her self-development in specific, and in female empowerment in general...


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“Fondation Diane” Takes Another Step towards Women Empowerment! 

On 12 April 2021, Mrs. Diana Sfeir Fadel, President of “Fondation Diane”, participated as a panelist in the signing ceremony of Dr. Halime El Kaakour’s book entitled “Lebanese Women: Journey to the Parliament”. 

This ceremony was held at Université Saint Joseph (USJ), in the presence of the Ambassador of Switzerland in Lebanon, H.E. Monika Schmutz Kirgoz, represented by the Deputy Head of Mission for the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon, Mrs. Elisabeth Gilgen, the Head/Country Program Manager UN Women Lebanon, Ms. Rachel Dores-Weeks, and Dr. Halime El Kaakour, PhD in International Public Law and Human Rights, and hosted by the Professor of Citizenship Education at the Lebanese University, Dr. Ali Khalife.

"Solidarity between women is the key to their success in reaching theparliament with great numbers", she assures.


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The "Environment Day Awareness" Competition

The Chair of "Fondation Diane" for Education in Eco-Citizenship and Sustainable Development (CEED) introduces the "Environment Day Awareness Competition".

World Environment Day is on the 5th of June, and this contest will provide you with the opportunity to raise awareness on the environment.

All you need to do is to Create a Video in your most original way!

Consider what you want to impact when it comes to earth, and take this opportnity to make it happen. This is your chance to make a difference. It is up to us to take care of our planet and preserve nature for generatos to come.

Winners will be announced on the 5th of June. A prize will be awarded to two of the most innovative videos!

Send  us your video (no more than 60 seconds) on

• Deadline of Sbmission: May 29th

• Language: English, French or Arabic

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

A pioneer in the fight for the Environment & Eco-Sustainable Development in Lebanon. | March 8, 2021


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Partnership Announcement

February 26, 2021

We are confident that our partnership with the Asfari Foundation and cewas will help strengthening the green entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lebanon.

Diane Foundation’s mission is to create Civic Awareness and Eco-suistainable Development through enlightening the citizens, motivating and mobilizing them to revive their sense of solidarity, and supporting creative minds who are taking green actions towards change.

The CEWAS Middle East programme aims at building water and green entrepreneurship in Lebanon by enabling the ecosystem and supporting entrepreneurs along their entrepreneurial journeys.

La Fondation Diane : changer l’avenir environnemental du Liban.

le petit journal Par Rémi Nassiri | Publié le 18/03/2019


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Interview with Tele-Liban

We invite you to listen, share & get inspired by the interview of Mrs Diana Fadel on Startup331 at TL | April 1st, 2019



Removing mines

Diane  Fadel helping in removing 103 mines with  BLOM BANK for cleaning 228.000 sqm


Opening RayMondo 

Le Commerce du Levent featuring Raymondo,

le premier incubateur industriel écolo du Liban by Fondation Diane 


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Women on Top

@berytech_  Featuring Mrs. Diana Fadel 



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Super Angel Award

IM Capital honored Mrs Diana Fadel for her passion, dedication & achievements . 


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Book Signing Event


To  keep a #memory of this incredible #adventure: our #revolution!!!

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م قال   صحيفة   الشرق   الأوسط  
عن   كتاب  " كلنا   للوطن لديانا   فاضل


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NAYA E-magazine: 

A Resilient Fighter!

Interview with Mrs. Diana Sfeir Fadel @ANNAHAR english

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